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En moi au fond moi
19 SEP - 31 OCT 2019
Solo exhibition 
​ERD galerie


Under the theme of "En moi, au fond de moi – Me in me, Me in me -", the works of this exhibition express their stories emotionally as if the artist were writing a diary day by day, looking at the artist's pure artistry through painting, video, and installation work, and unraveling the world from the artist's perspective into a free life story.

The exhibition, which is held three years after the artist's first individual exhibition, has various expressions and techniques, and the basis of the artist's memory reflected in the work is the experiences inherent in life. The artist's memory expressed in this way becomes an important material to help the work and the audience communicate in understanding contemporary art. For an artist, "drawing" is a natural expression of the life and essence of the artist's physical behavior and on-screen through sewing, installation, video, and sound, beyond the simple meaning of language, and is a way to communicate with the most inner self and the outer self present in reality. Formally, it shows infinite areas of expression from drawing to installation and video, and completes the artist's unique exhibition space with continuous formative exploration and expression of the "self" that is not limited to anywhere.

The writer deals only with things he knows and experiences. Write words on works that contain emotional rhythms, emotions, and intuition. This is because it exists as a visual thing itself without a separate reference and has the power to speak as a work itself. Interactive installations produced in real human size work within social space. At the same time as showing the inside to the audience, the sound is used to convey the feeling of being alive, maximizing the sense of empathy.

The artist's work naturally contains the times. The worries of young people in modern society are seen, and the work plays a healing role in the painful memories they suffered in modern society. The artist imitates emotions into what he sees and feels, and expresses his personality with his unique feelings and thoughts. In general, images, shapes, and emotions formed when experiencing and acquiring various situations in daily life are stored directly or indirectly in one's unconsciousness. Images stored through such situations are used as a tool for the artist's expression, and our lives become daily sharing and a record of the artist's own life. Communicating with visitors through such sharing can be seen as the process of the artist finding a new me. Since art is not separate from everyday life, but is made from everyday experiences, it can be said that the basis starts from everyday life. The author's imagination is added to numerous images and experiences to complete a story.

This exhibition is not just about expressing the phenomenon of things, but also about the inner things that the artist expressed clearly and truthfully through his inner language, and the emotions are further embodied through expression through his work.


제목_없는_아트워크 5.gif
제목_없는_아트워크 7.png
제목_없는_아트워크 8.png
제목_없는_아트워크 9.png
제목_없는_아트워크 10.png
제목_없는_아트워크 11.png
제목_없는_아트워크 12.png
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